Friday, October 14, 2005

Joining the Bandwagon

Well, I've finally gone and done it. I've joined the band wagon. I've finally made a blog for myself.

That's right getting a blog isn't on the cutting edge anymore it's mainstream. Blogs are everywhere, just like iPods and cell phones and other things that ten years ago either didn't exist or just for people on the cutting edge. But now it seems everyone and their father has a blog.

Yup, that's right, my Dad got a blog before me. I've actually been wanting to have something like a blog even before I knew what one was. You can sort of see I was heading in that direction with the updates to my Secret of NIMH fan page, but I never really got the format. For one thing that webpage was about the Secret of NIMH and it didn't make sense to just put anything there.

But when I learned that my brother, Ezra had signed up at I thought that was pretty cool and almost did as well. Except I thought about it (a dangerous thing at times) and decided that I didn't want to look like I was just copying him. (Yeah, I know pretty petty) And then my younger sister got a blog and then my older sister and then my Dad. And now not only do I want a blog because I wanted to have a nice system that I could post whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not worry too much about updating and html, but I feel a little left out.

So with that, I'm joining the band wagon, yeah I know not everyone has a blog, but now one more person does and there will be many more to come. So move over a little and share some room. Everyone has a voice to be heard.

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Anonymous said...

dearest brother.. congratulations on joining up. can't wait to read about your daily life, when you have time to post it that is=). love you~ your sis