Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas

Yay, It's Christmas and It's Sunday. But you know what is even better? Someone commented on my blog! And although I appreciate the comment and all. I do have to say I'm a bit confused by it.

My anonymous friend said that they had almost given up on me and that they were surprised to have seen three posts since they last checked. Now on the surface this seems perfectly reasonable. But if you look at the facts closer you will see that the last three posts go back to Dec 1. and that the one before that was on Nov 30.

Now we can deduce from this that this person, if there statement is true, last visited between Nov 30 at 10:32 PM and Dec 1 at 6:06 PM. We can safely say this because if they last visited before or after this date then they would have seen that I posted either four or two times since they last checked being earlier or later respectively. Of course this is all well and good until you take into account the first statement which says they almost had given up on me posting at all.

Both of these statements cannot be true. For if my friend checked before they my last three posts they would have seen my Nov 30 post and had no reason to think I had stopped writing. But if they checked before it, which would give them reason to lose hope then it would be 4 posts ago.

So it is easy to conclude that there is something incorrect about this comment. It's simple enough in my opinion they just looked at how many posts and miscounted saying three instead of 4 and I suppose in my good grace I can forgive them for that. Especially after they commented and all.

Now for the good stuff

I suppose you wanted me to write about Christmas though so I suppose I'll indulge your whims for the moment. I got up bright and 'early' this morning 8'ish so I could get to church on time. But of course I opened my stocking before hand and actually opened all my presents too.

My stocking was most satisfactory with chocolate, peanuts and citrus for consumables. A toothbrush to save my teeth, a little flashing squishy green tentacle ball, a flexible wooden snake, large bills (fake :( ) and a cute stuffed puppy wearing safety glasses sticking out the top. No bubbles.

The presents I received that morning included a remote control car, Star Wars Trilogy (4-6) and a emergency kit for my truck. All very awesome gifts, played with the car (8 hours later after the batteries had charged), watched A New Hope and will put the kit in my truck later.

Of course after the merriement of gift giving we rushed off to church for sacrement meeting and singing and listening to the primary sing very uplifting and especially nice because I didn't have to teach primary, yay!

Later we had lunch with Bonnie and played some games. 2 rounds of Chinese Checkers (Fast Mode, Bonnie Won, I won), Phase 10 (I won) and Zigity (Bonnie won).

That's pretty much it other than talking to my awesome family some on the telephone (cellphone). Well goodnight must sleep now.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I want more Readers!

Yes yes that's right I said it. I want legions of readers dropping by my blog, hanging off my every word. Writing insightful and interesting comments that will inspire me to write even more and better articles.

In any case this outcome is entiriley improbably at this point. I would have to write much more interesting and engaging articles to begin with instead of just some rambling nonsense. And while I do write a little better than that, it isn't much better.

I'm not really sure why I want more readers. Or maybe it's just that I want more comments. Either way it doesn't matter since I don't have either. I suppose it's because I want to make this worthwhile to think that lots of people care about what I write and think. The overwhelming power is part of it too I'm sure being able to control the thoughts of the masses and influence them for good or at the very least encourage them to think.

But again to do any of that I would have to right interesting and thought provoking. I also would need to write it on a regular basis. And in addition to that I would need someone else to pick up my articles and link to them so I could have an influx of traffic to my blog. Otherwise no one, except for a very special and select few who mean much more to me than everyone else, would even know it was here.

So yes I want more readers for both selfish and unselfish reasons. But the truth of the matter is I'm not likely to get many but I'll deal with it for now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Narnia and Stuff

I thought I had something to write about but it seems that my muse has fled in fear of actually being used. Oh well. I'm not sure why but typing in this box is a bit sluggish. I'm going to switch to a real text editor, TextEdit to be specific. Yes that isn't very exciting but now you know and I've written an entire paragraph.

Now for paragraph two!

Well technically this is paragraph three but more to the point, I just saw "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" the movie. It was really quite good. There were some significant differences but nothing major. The story line was pretty much intact and most of the key points I remember from the book were there.

It made me wish to read the books again, even though I've read them all at least twice and most at least thrice. It made me wonder why is it that these fantasy worlds are so fascinating? Not just Narnia, but books and movies and TV shows and plays and so forth. (Interestingly enough, Safari 1.0.3 takes %80 of my processor time when it's open. That's just weird and wrong, I really need to update that)

Anyway, I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this but isn't the world we live in interesting and exciting enough that we don't have the continual desire to forget it? Or maybe that's just me. When I really get immersed into a movie or a book, I'm not really here at all and then it's kind of sad when it's over and I have to come back.

This world should be just as good as anything that we can dream up. So why isn't it? Everyone wants a better world so why don't we just get together and do it? Make a better world that is.

A better world? I say that as if something is wrong with this one. I mean it works we live, we breath, we sleep, we eat and so forth but... I don't know, It just seems that there wouldn't be such a desire to escape into fantasy if it was better here.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A *Real* Post

I've got a question for all the bright minds out there: What do you do when you are too tired to work and too stressed out to sleep?

The obvious answer is of course post to your blog! Actually thats about it, do lots of little things that aren't really that important by not sleeping and not taking care of the things that are stressing you out.

For instance, I need to set up some subscription stuff and website stuff at work, did that get done? No. I also need to finish a website for both work and school. Did I do that either? No. I have a couple other large projects to take care of but did I start on any one of them? Do I really even need to say?

I was just to tired to do anything that required thinking and so while I did get some stuff done I really didn't get anywhere and about a million things are due next week and I really can finish them all. I do have barely enough time but not if I'm to tired to do it and if I'm to stressed out by what I need to do to sleep...

Well you get the picture. I know I'll be fine I just wish I was better organized and motivated and not so tired from staying up too late and then getting up the next morning. (Yes if I could just sleep in that would solve my problems :)

So what is my point in all this? Well I guess simply put is that I really need to stop worrying, relax go to bed and then get to work. It isn't that hard.

The question is why don't I do it?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Real Live *Christmas* Tree

Well well well, what have we here? I'm posting? No that can't be it doesn't make any sense you're just imagining this.

But since you are imagining it go ahead and imagine some other things. You could imagine me going to Home Depot and getting a nice pine tree for christmas and taking it home in the back of my pickup truck!

Well if you could imagine that, can you imagine me finishing an assignment for CS 2420? Well if you can you can probably imagine me passing it off today 40 points of extra credit? Now that is hard to believe that my Computer Science teacher would offer that much extra credit on a 100 point project. Of course to get that I would have to have completed a Hash table using probing that resized and a Hash table using chaining that resized.

Anyway, I'm sure you can imagine more and much more interesting things so I'll leave it up to you!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Peer Pressure Post

I'm claiming to have been peer pressured into writing this post. But that isn't really true, especially since only one person has even mentioned anything about it.

I'm tired and its a bit late and I've been pretty busy and so yeah things have been going on and I have interesting things to say but I just don't have the time or energy to really put into writing much. Or maybe its just that I'm not used to writing that much. By the way its the start of National Novel Writing Month this month. Which is basically writing a 50,000 page novel in November. Now thats a lot of writing. I can type fast enough to type that much in a month but thats it. I can't even imagine making something that would make sense but apparently quite a few.

The school year is almost over and there are still about a million things that are left to do for that. I have a midterm test on friday. Final projects that are due by the end of the month as well as quite a few other minor assignmentns and then of course the dreaded and most feared finals. Of course on top of all of that I'm going to work and I have a whole bunch of things that need to get finished there that I'm behind on as well. And of course it doesn't stop there. Next year it'll start all over again. Or really it doesn't ever really stop, it keeps going and going and going with more and more to do. I'll survive I always have I always will but what kind of bruises and scars I get who can tell. I might come out completely unscathed or I might have a complete nervous breakdown and lose everything! Even my high GPA! Nooooo! Not the GPA!

----A few days later----

Well I've survived the last round of things due. Of course there will be more. I actually started writing this post on wednesday but never got around to posting it. So much for being pressured into it.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by something I can't remember, last weekend I went up to Salt Lake City for the ACM programming content. It was pretty cool although we didn't do to swell. We only got one problem out of eight completed and working. We completed one other but because of an obscure error it didn't put out the right output.

Well thats all I have to write about at the moment so until the next time someone pushes me into posting, take care.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My First Comment

Oh it is a glorious day indeed. I have received my first comment. I probably should celebrate or something, but I guess I'll just write this post. Yes that would be good.

Thank you for your comment as I'm sure I'll be thankful for all comments, even though I might not say so.

I must add though, this probably isn't the best place to read about my daily life. My daily life is boring and probably not worth chronicling in on a public medium such as this. But if I want to I'm sure I will. I'll write about whatever I want to write about. Even it means I want to write about how I will write about whatever I want to write!

Confusing? Yeah sorry about that, I'm just a bit tired and have a lot of stuff that I should be doing because it will be due very soon. With that said I'll go get some work done.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Joining the Bandwagon

Well, I've finally gone and done it. I've joined the band wagon. I've finally made a blog for myself.

That's right getting a blog isn't on the cutting edge anymore it's mainstream. Blogs are everywhere, just like iPods and cell phones and other things that ten years ago either didn't exist or just for people on the cutting edge. But now it seems everyone and their father has a blog.

Yup, that's right, my Dad got a blog before me. I've actually been wanting to have something like a blog even before I knew what one was. You can sort of see I was heading in that direction with the updates to my Secret of NIMH fan page, but I never really got the format. For one thing that webpage was about the Secret of NIMH and it didn't make sense to just put anything there.

But when I learned that my brother, Ezra had signed up at I thought that was pretty cool and almost did as well. Except I thought about it (a dangerous thing at times) and decided that I didn't want to look like I was just copying him. (Yeah, I know pretty petty) And then my younger sister got a blog and then my older sister and then my Dad. And now not only do I want a blog because I wanted to have a nice system that I could post whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and not worry too much about updating and html, but I feel a little left out.

So with that, I'm joining the band wagon, yeah I know not everyone has a blog, but now one more person does and there will be many more to come. So move over a little and share some room. Everyone has a voice to be heard.