Friday, August 04, 2006

Christmas in July... err August!

Screamin Serpent, Calculator, Dragon Belt buckleYay, I just got Christmas presents! I'm not sure what is from who because they weren't really labeled. But I think they are both from my brother and sister and thats the best part of all knowing that they were thinking of me.

I know the Screamin Serpent roller coaster is from Ezra and the ancient TI Business Analyst - II calculator.
There is a dragon belt buckle that was wrapped in at least 3 layers of wrapping paper, but no label.
I also got two glow in the dark horns. Which are cool because the glow in the dark.

Duckman, k'nex motor, two glow in the dark horns, devon & cornwallProbably the most amusing thing is the rolling Devon and Cornwall from the movie Quest for Camelot. As a way of explanation, there is stuffed animal that was passed back and forth several times that spouted out phrases, "My name is Devon his name is Cornwall" and "Let's Barbecue this buddy."
As for the Daffy Duck figurine in a duckman costume, I have no clue to its significance.
Anyway I'm really glad to finally have my Christmas presents and now I can look forward to what I might be getting next year! Or I can just build a super roller coaster, if I ever manage to find any time.

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