Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Peer Pressure Post

I'm claiming to have been peer pressured into writing this post. But that isn't really true, especially since only one person has even mentioned anything about it.

I'm tired and its a bit late and I've been pretty busy and so yeah things have been going on and I have interesting things to say but I just don't have the time or energy to really put into writing much. Or maybe its just that I'm not used to writing that much. By the way its the start of National Novel Writing Month this month. Which is basically writing a 50,000 page novel in November. Now thats a lot of writing. I can type fast enough to type that much in a month but thats it. I can't even imagine making something that would make sense but apparently quite a few.

The school year is almost over and there are still about a million things that are left to do for that. I have a midterm test on friday. Final projects that are due by the end of the month as well as quite a few other minor assignmentns and then of course the dreaded and most feared finals. Of course on top of all of that I'm going to work and I have a whole bunch of things that need to get finished there that I'm behind on as well. And of course it doesn't stop there. Next year it'll start all over again. Or really it doesn't ever really stop, it keeps going and going and going with more and more to do. I'll survive I always have I always will but what kind of bruises and scars I get who can tell. I might come out completely unscathed or I might have a complete nervous breakdown and lose everything! Even my high GPA! Nooooo! Not the GPA!

----A few days later----

Well I've survived the last round of things due. Of course there will be more. I actually started writing this post on wednesday but never got around to posting it. So much for being pressured into it.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by something I can't remember, last weekend I went up to Salt Lake City for the ACM programming content. It was pretty cool although we didn't do to swell. We only got one problem out of eight completed and working. We completed one other but because of an obscure error it didn't put out the right output.

Well thats all I have to write about at the moment so until the next time someone pushes me into posting, take care.

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Anonymous said...

speaking of everybody wondering..(this comment from a read of ezra's ramblings.) the world or at least my world is wondering the following. when you'll post again and when my computer will arrive. you sure are full of suprises and secrects. love you all the same though.