Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas

Yay, It's Christmas and It's Sunday. But you know what is even better? Someone commented on my blog! And although I appreciate the comment and all. I do have to say I'm a bit confused by it.

My anonymous friend said that they had almost given up on me and that they were surprised to have seen three posts since they last checked. Now on the surface this seems perfectly reasonable. But if you look at the facts closer you will see that the last three posts go back to Dec 1. and that the one before that was on Nov 30.

Now we can deduce from this that this person, if there statement is true, last visited between Nov 30 at 10:32 PM and Dec 1 at 6:06 PM. We can safely say this because if they last visited before or after this date then they would have seen that I posted either four or two times since they last checked being earlier or later respectively. Of course this is all well and good until you take into account the first statement which says they almost had given up on me posting at all.

Both of these statements cannot be true. For if my friend checked before they my last three posts they would have seen my Nov 30 post and had no reason to think I had stopped writing. But if they checked before it, which would give them reason to lose hope then it would be 4 posts ago.

So it is easy to conclude that there is something incorrect about this comment. It's simple enough in my opinion they just looked at how many posts and miscounted saying three instead of 4 and I suppose in my good grace I can forgive them for that. Especially after they commented and all.

Now for the good stuff

I suppose you wanted me to write about Christmas though so I suppose I'll indulge your whims for the moment. I got up bright and 'early' this morning 8'ish so I could get to church on time. But of course I opened my stocking before hand and actually opened all my presents too.

My stocking was most satisfactory with chocolate, peanuts and citrus for consumables. A toothbrush to save my teeth, a little flashing squishy green tentacle ball, a flexible wooden snake, large bills (fake :( ) and a cute stuffed puppy wearing safety glasses sticking out the top. No bubbles.

The presents I received that morning included a remote control car, Star Wars Trilogy (4-6) and a emergency kit for my truck. All very awesome gifts, played with the car (8 hours later after the batteries had charged), watched A New Hope and will put the kit in my truck later.

Of course after the merriement of gift giving we rushed off to church for sacrement meeting and singing and listening to the primary sing very uplifting and especially nice because I didn't have to teach primary, yay!

Later we had lunch with Bonnie and played some games. 2 rounds of Chinese Checkers (Fast Mode, Bonnie Won, I won), Phase 10 (I won) and Zigity (Bonnie won).

That's pretty much it other than talking to my awesome family some on the telephone (cellphone). Well goodnight must sleep now.

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