Monday, January 02, 2006

Oh No!

I think that I really scared everybody off. Nobody will comment now for fear that i'll pick them apart. Oh it is very sad.

Anyway, it's a new year, many people have made new year resolutions. I have not made any, I have too much to do to worry about silly resolutions. I'm constantly trying to make myself better. Often I fail but every now and then I succeed in some small way and eventually with all the cumulative effect I might eventually do something really interesting.


Anonymous said...

i didn't make any new years revolutions either. although i am looking for a new job.. you highering?

Anonymous said...

HI, I see you want more readers. Well I just found out you have a blog... Your sibs have them and I keep up on what's what with them but didn't know you had one, and you didn't tell me. Will you ever for give me for being less than perfect?
AS to your comment on the commentor, perhaps he/she just used 3 as a general number meaning more than two. And I can see why he/she might have meant, here it is Feb 8th and the last post was Jan 2. How about makeing a new moths resolve to post once a week? Schedule it in?
Happy Groundhogs Day!